Sell Tickets Online: 5 Ways Online Tickets Store Can Help Your Next Event

Online ticketing can make a huge difference to your next event! Here is why you need to build your own ticket store and sell tickets online!

When you think about organizing an event, the first thing that comes to mind is to use paper-based tickets. But, ask yourself again, is this is the best way to promote my event? Even though the old-school paper-based ticketing has been used for years and is what people are accustomed to, you cannot ignore the technology.

Like most things, technology has significantly advanced and simplified the process of purchasing tickets. Online ticketing is probably the best way today to promote your upcoming event, attract more attendees, and increase your sales. There are online ticketing platforms that have taken away the burden of manual processing.

We are familiar with the benefits online ticketing provides to you and your business for your next event and we want to share those benefits with you. Online ticketing platforms can make a huge difference to your next event and we see no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of them.

Shopify, for example, is one of the best ecommerce websites builders out there and a perfect solution to your ticket selling problem. With Shopify, you can build your own ticket store. Whether your organization specializes in theater, sporting events, benefits, concerts, and etc. you can make sure your tickets are available and accessible online. Shopify makes it simple for you to set up, design, and run a successful online tickets store. If you want to give it try, go 

Here are 5 ways online tickets store can help your next event:


  • Online tickets store reduces the cost of your event: When you organize an event, the end goal is to make a profit. The more money you save, the more profitable your upcoming event will be. When using paper-based ticketing for events, you are going to invest a lot and including the costs of producing the tickets, merchant fees, credit card transactions, wages for employees to process payments, accounting fees, and etc. When running an online tickets store, you aren’t facing these costs straight away.
      • A chance to sell more tickets: By managing your tickets online, you will not only save on printing costs, but you will also allow more people to find out about your event. What’s important is that they can purchase tickets 24/7. An online tickets store increases your target market and leads to more people purchasing tickets for your event. You can use social media to promote your event which can increase your event’s interest.
      • An online tickets store makes you look professional and impressive: Imagine having a well-designed online tickets store that can show guests or customers instantly. A good-looking website is guaranteed to excite your attendees about your event. Wouldn’t that appeal more to your guests that manual sales or paper-based tickets?


      • You will save time: One of the biggest concerts regard event organizing is time. There are so many things you need to prepare and dealing with tickets and sales is currently not your priority. We understand you. Allow Shopify to take care of everything while you focus on organizing your event. All you have to do is list your event, add all the details, and your potential guests will do the rest.
      • Reduces access time to your upcoming event: The event day is here, everything is according to the plan, but there is one challenge that bothers you – processing ticket sales. With online tickets store, you can easily deal with this challenge. All you need is someone to scan the guest’s ticket and that’s it.
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